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ST-600 Float Type Level Transmitter
Float Type Level Transmitter
A circuit, in which the resistance and the reed s/w is serially connected in intervals of 1-2cm, is installed inside the pipe. When the float, equipped with the magnet, moves up and down the pipe by buoyancy, the reed s/w is cut short, and the total resistance value changes until the cutting is summed. The resistance value that had changed based on the level of the fluid is transformed into an electric current signal DC 4-20mA, and put out. This is the most general level control and instruction device.

- Separately sold Control Unit
Max. 6m
•304/316SS/PTFE : -10℃∼100℃
•PVC : -10℃∼60℃
•SUS304/316 : Max. 10㎏/㎠
•PVC/PTFE : Max. 2㎏/㎠
•Low cost
•Wide awareness and installation
•Selection of the detection material
regarding various substances to be
•Remote control
•Explosion proof type possible
(Ex d ⅡB T5 or T4)
4∼20mA DC
24V DC
•Water tanks installed in upper
stories, Industrial water, Pure
water, Sewage, Drinking water, Water
reserves, Cooling water,
•LPG, Chemicals, Fuel tank, Paint,
Various strong acid and alkali fluid
•Tanks for ships (Optional)
MAT'L : 304/316SS, PVC, PTFE