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SCF Cone Type Flowmeter
Cone Type Flowmeter
This is the model name of the existing 'so-called' V-Corn type differential pressure flowmeter; the corn shaped differential pressure generating device located in the center of the pipe is assembled, and a pressure measurement tap is installed at the upper part and the corn part each; by doing so, this traditional method generates the differential head pressure in proportion to the flux.

Also, with our self-developed technology, we removed the upper pressure measurement tap, and unified the structure to enable the measurement of the constant pressure and dynamic pressure together inside of the corn, by utilizing the left hand MPA flowmeter production technology, while also conducting the temperature measurement of the fluid, to compensate for and calculate the measurement error according to the fluid's temperature change; it is the world's first unique differential pressure type mass flowmeter. (a Pitot Corn type differential pressure flowmeter)

Patent registration No.: 0500532(Pitot corn)
Separately sold differential pressure
Transmitter : SIEMENS's 7MF4433/4033
Turn-down Ratio
10 : 1
-40℃ ~ 450℃
0 ~ 100㎏/㎠ (40℃)
•Successful technological innovation
development task conducted upon the request
of the Small & Medium Business
•Easy installation
•Precision : ± 1.0%
•Cheap installation, maintenance and repair
•Long shelf life
•Power industry, such as Nuclear power,
Thermal power, and Hydraulic power plant
•Water purification and Sewage processing
•Fluid, Gas or Steam

•Body : C.S, 304/316SS
•Cone : 304/316SS