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SOP Orifice Plate
Orifice Plate
The traditionally differential pressure generator, the Orifice Plate, is classified into a flux restriction device as a simple tightener for controlling the flux under a certain limit, and a representative differential pressure type flowmeter which is manufactured and installed by calculating the diameter of the orifice hole compared to the pipe's internal diameter, according to the min. flux demand, and exchanging the flux using the pressure difference occurring in the front and back part of the orifice. (Flow Element) Since the two kinds have different uses and various formats, their use require professional designing knowledge and experience.
This device has the longest history and widest usage base as a differential pressure flowmeter, and is even cheap since its production is simple. Moreover, it requires the cheapest maintenance and repair cost, while being easy to install.

Separately sold differential pressure
Transmitter : SIEMENS's 7MF4433/4033
Turn-down Ratio
5 : 1
-40℃ ~ 450℃
0 ~ 100㎏/㎠
•Precision of ± 1.0%
•Simple structure; high on-site reliability
•No influence of impurities or floats
•Easy installation, maintenance and repair
•Long shelf life
•Usable as a Restriction Orifice
(Design production and verification
•Nuclear power, Thermal power,
Hydraulic power; Power generation industry
•Water purification & Sewage processing
•City gas, LNG industry
•Fluid, Gas or Steam
: 1∼24"
: 304/316SS