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MPA MPA(Multi Point Averaging) Flowmeter
MPA(Multi Point Averaging) Flowmeter
This device is the world's most precise SAP-810 differential pressure flowmeter, first in the world, using the same principle with the left hand SAP-810. The fluid in the pipe has a character of being unsymmetric or constantly changing according to the piping structure of the front part; SAP-810 uses the method of calculating the average by passing through the pipe line, so if the flux distribution is unsymmetric, the precision cannot be guaranteed. In such case, many SAP-810s are serially connected to supplement the error in the average value; this came from an idea to unify everything. According to the pipe's internal diameter, 12-24 pressure detection holes are radially located, guaranteeing an average value of high reliability regardless of the changes in the flow profile. As for a differential pressure flowmeter, it realized the world's highest precision, ± 0.2%(Tested by :Alden Research. USA). Also, it has less permanent pressure loss compared to SAP-810, bigger Turn-down Ratio, and is easy to install, being a wafer type.

Patent registration No.: 0433119
Separately sold differential pressure
Transmitter : SIEMENS's 7MF4433/4033
Turn-down Ratio
12 : 1
-40℃ ~ 450℃
0 ~ 100㎏/㎠ (40℃)
•Successful technological innovation
development task done upon the request of the
Small & Medium Business Administration
•Obtained the KT Mark(No.1290)
•Range of measurement: 12:1
•Precision of ± 0.2%: The best in the world as
a differential pressure flowmeter (Mass
flowmeter grade)installation, maintenance and
•Strong durability in earthquakes or
•Wafer format; Easy installation, maintenance
and repair without damaging the pipe
•Nuclear power, Thermal power,
Hydraulic power; Power generation industry
•City gas, LNG industry
•Fluid, Bas or Steam
: 3∼24"
: 316SS