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SAP-810 Averaging Pitot Tube
Averaging Pitot Tube
A newly separated two vertical holes are made in a metal stick that has a specific wedge shape cross section, and many pressure detecting holes are made according to the pipe diameter, in the alignment structure determined by Tchebychef. The average of the constant pressure and the dynamic pressure generated at the front and back end of the assembled body are calculated, and the flow is measured by using the difference between the two pressures. The key technology is in designing the device to have a consistent coefficient of run-off in a wide scope of flux, regardless of the changes in the velocity. The device was developed by joint research with the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, and is being supplied for nuclear power and thermal power plants. The device is patent-protected.

Patent registration No.: 0201077

Separately sold differential pressure
Transmitter : SIEMENS's 7MF4433/4033
Turn-down Ratio
10 : 1
-40℃ ~ 450℃
0 ~ 100㎏/㎠ (40℃)
•Successful task of Korea Hydro and
Nuclear Power joint research
•Easy installation
•Maintenance of a precision of ±
•Cheap installation, maintenance and
repair cost
•Strong durability
•It can be produced to be used for a
super big size(diameter)
•Optional flange type
•Nuclear power, Thermal power,
Hydraulic power; Power generation
•Chemical & Petroleum industry
•Food & Beverage industry
•Fluid, Gas or Steam
: 2∼72"

: C.S, 304/316SS, Monel