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SH(SEC) Electrode Type Level Switch
Electrode Type Level Switch
A device that measures by using the conductivity principle of fluid. When the measured fluid contacts the electrode pole installed at each of the desired level, the electric contact signal required by the site is put out step by step, by the conductance of the electrode pole for the Earth and the respective electrode pole. Based on the measuring principle, this device cannot be used for fluids that are not conductive.

- Separately sold Control Unit
•Standard : 2m
•Optional : Within 5m
•Applied to a wide range of fluids
•Enable to organize 6 poles
•Easy installation and operation
•Two-wire type application
•Control & lowest/highest extreme alarm

•Standard : 1∼4 poles
•Optional : over 5 poles
•Water processing tank
•Industrial water
•water for storage and agriculture
•Other tanks such as for pump control
Material : 304/316SS (PE or PTFE Tubing)