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SQ Quick Float Type Level Switch
Quick Float Type Level Switch
When the float becomes afloat by the change in the surface, the internal Balance Weight instantly moves to the other side, and because of the rapid change in the center of gravity, the Float turns upside down like a tumbler, and operates the micro switch or the mercury switch in order to show the electric contact and control the level. It is usually used for the level control of domestic or other waste water

- Control unit (separately sold)
•Standard :5m
•Optional: Within 20m
•SQM/H/C : -10℃∼70℃(plastic)
•SQE : -10℃∼150℃(316SS)
•SQM/H/C : 2㎏/㎠(ABS plastic)
•SQE : Max. 10㎏/㎠(316SS)
•Low cost
•Easy installation
•Applied to waste water and sewage
•The electric contact location can be controlled on-site
•Two-wire type possible.
•Standard : 1∼4 point
•Optional : 5 point
•Contact capacity :
SQM : 0.4A 100V AC(Micro S/W)
SQH : 3A 250V AC(mercury S/W)
SQC/E : 1A 120V AC(Micro S/W)
•Excrement tank
•Industrial waste water
•Agricultural sewage processing
•Other waste water treatment plant
•General water tanks