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SDG-3000 Electrode Type Drum Level Gauging System
Electrode Type Drum Level Gauging System
This is a device developed to operate in adverse environments, such as ultra high temperature or pressure, first in the nation. It is mainly used for power plants' HP, IP, LP drums. It measures the difference between the steam and the water's dielectric constant as resistance in conditions such as 560℃/300bar and shows the on-site control of 4-20mA. To protect the safety of the power generator and other facilities, the device is equipped with double protection circuits and self-diagnosis function. The device is manufactured based on the pressurization container production standard, which complies with the boiler safety standard of various countries and the domestic KEPIC. The device analyses the received signal, which is generated between the water column and the electrode, according to the contact of the electrode with steam, water, and impure substances, and shows the situation. Or, through the alarm electric contact, it is possible to safely measure the level of the boilers and drums in high temperature and pressure.
- Obtained the CE Mark and the PED(Europe)
technology standard
•No. of used electrodes : 8,12,16,32
•Length of the special heat-proof wire for
5/10/20m, Max. 30m
•SLE-26 : Max. 260℃
•SHE-56 : Max. 560℃
•SLE-26 : Max. 50.5㎏/㎠
•SHE-56 : Max. 303㎏/㎠
•A model exclusively for power generation
•Double safety circuits
•Wire cutting, damaged electrodes, impure
Alarm and indication function in case of
•Double instruction and alarm system
•Many electrodes can be used together
•An output signal that is compatible with
the system controller such as PLC
•A CPU circuit using the micro processor
•110/220V AC 50/60Hz
•20∼36V DC, Loop Power
•Exclusively for the thermal power and
compound thermal power plant’HP, IP, LP
Drum level measurement
•Power plant steam generating device,
Heat exchanger
•Each industrial facility’steam
generating device, Heat exchanger,
Heater, Distilling tower
•Other super high temperature/pressure

A106B, 316SS