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SMS Magnetostrictive Type Level Transmitter
Magnetostrictive Type Level Transmitter
The SMS series, magnetostrictive level measurement, is especially designed for precision measurement, With is high accuracy of ±0.05% F.S, the SMS is ideal for continuous level mornitoring of storage and shipment for oil, petrochemical liquid, pure chemical liquid (Acid, Alkali) beer and other beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc.
The position of float is converted into electric signals proportional to the liquid level.
ㆍStandard : 300∼3000mm
ㆍOptional : 6000mm
ㆍStandard : -20℃∼60℃
ㆍOptional : -20℃∼200℃
ㆍMax. 10㎏/㎠
ㆍHigh Accuracy : ±0.5mm or ±0.05% F.S for 316SS float
±1mm or ±0.2% F.S for PVC, PTFE float
ㆍ4 to 20mA Ooutput
ㆍWorks in a wide range of liquids
ㆍ4∼20mA DC
ㆍ24V DC