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SVL Reliable Vibration Type Level Switch
Reliable Vibration Type Level Switch
When the piezoelectricity particle generates the piezoelectricity phenomenon with a certain frequency on the internal vibration board, the vibration board shows contraction and expansion, and the external detection pipe connected to the board also vibrates together. When the measured powder reaches the detection pipe, the pipe's vibration stops, and the vibration acceleration pick-up piezoelectricity particle bears loads; this phenomenon is detected by signals, which is the principle of this device's operation. Not like most of the Tuning Fork types with two external vibration boards, it is a product designed uniquely with one pipe. Its response capacity to fine powders (with ultra light gravity) and powder build-up is one of the world's best in its reliability.
•Standard : 270mm
Rod type : Within 4000mm
Flexible type : Within 5000mm
•Standard : -20℃∼80℃
•Optional : -20℃∼150℃
Max. 10㎏ /㎠
•The structure of the detecting part
is simple
•The influence of the hopper's
vibration is small, and the
movements are stable
•No need to adjust the sensitivity
based on the measured substance
•Easy installation and adjustment
•Explosion proof type possible
(Ex d ⅡB T4)
•Contact capacity : 5A 250V AC
110/220V AC, 50/60Hz
•Super low gravity-fine powder such
as powdered coffee, Powdered milk,
Chocolate, etc.
•General powders such as sugar,
Salt, Flour, Grain, Raw material
for glass, Plastic powder, Chips,
• Others
Mat'l : 304/316SS