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ST-POINTS Float Type Level Switch
Float Type Level Switch
The principle of the reed switch and magnet's operation is identical to that of the SOL model on the left, but it is designed to be applicable to various industrial sites with adverse environments, and unlike the SOL, which is for single electric contact, a number of electric contacts can be installed. the concept of selective control was applied to the separately sold Control Unit's micro processor in order to enable the device to adjust to various and complicated requirements of industrial sites.

- Control unit (separately sold)
• Within 5m
•304SS/316SS/PTFE : -10℃∼100℃
•PVC : -10℃∼60℃
•304SS/316SS : Max. 10㎏/㎠
•PVC/PTFE : Max. 2㎏/㎠
•Low cost
•Easy installation
•Applied to various fluid tanks
•Various materials are applied to the
sensor according to the measured
substance and the tank condition
•SLCA-HL can turn the Pump ON and OFF.
It uses the HH and LL alarm.
•Two-wire type possible.
•Standard : 1∼4 point
•Optional : 5 point
•Contact capacity :
0.5A 300V AC
0.5A 300V DC
•Fuel tank
•Water purification plant
•Bunker C oil & oil tank
•Sewage processing
•Beverage factory
•Chemical plant
MAT'L : 304/316SS, PVC, PTFE