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SLT Tank Level Gauge
Tank Level Gauge
This device was designed based on principles similar to that of the SGL on the left hand. However, instead of the wire, a measuring tape with holes in it in certain intervals are used to overcome length errors according to the temperature change. Also, the device is made so that direct reading from the lower part of the tank could be possible using the Guide Pipe. In addition, the float is designed to be large and big so that it could sensitively respond to the fluid's level change, and a Seal Pipe Type which can be used for tanks that have pressure, or possibility of corrosion or leak of explosive gas, is also manufactured. It was developed exclusively for large scale oil storage containers such as petroleum tanks.

- Obtained the NT Mark (98-10)
•Standard : 3/5/10/12/15/20m
•Optional : Seal Pipe Type(15m)
- Magnetic float & weight type
•Standard : -40℃∼120℃
•Optional : -40℃∼200℃
•Standard : AMB.
•Optional : Max. 5㎏/㎠
•Successful joint research on basic
technology upon the request of the Ministry
of Commerce, Industry and Energy
•Precise measurement of ± 2mm
•Able to install at the top/side parts
•On-site/remote control and alarm function
•Max. Range 20 M
•Seal Pipe Type (Magnetic float)
•Explosion proof type possible
(Ex d ⅡB T6)
•Able to provide various accessories that can
adjust to the on-site process(Seal pot,etc.)
•SLT-1100 : for on-site control
•SLT-2200/3300/4400 : 4∼20mA DC
•SLT-4400 : Max. 8 SPDT
•Contact capacity : 6A 250V AC
24V DC
•Large oil storage tanks, Petroleum tanks
•Eater reserves, Dams, Wells

Mat'l : 304/316SS