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SFP Pneumatic Type Level Switch
Pneumatic Type Level Switch
A pipe (with its lower part opened) is cut in the length of the electric contact's location, and sealed with a sensor, and then installed; the level of the fluid rises, increasing the pressure in side the pipe, and this water pressure pushes up the expanded diaphragm in the lower sensor, operating the Micro S/W connected to the upper part, for output. It is mostly used for open type fluid tanks that do not have pressure. When a H/L electric contact is required, two sensors are used. The on-off operation static head difference is 20mm. This model also is a unique product of our company.
•Standard : None(on-site Pipe
assembly type)
•Optional : Provision of basic
1,000mm pipes (the installed
length can be freely adjusted)
•On-site detection location
adjustment installation
•Best for slurries or high
viscosity fluids
•Easy installation
•Contact capacity : 10A 250V AC
•Waste water tank and processing
•Sewage processing plant
•Chris, Jam, Ketchup, Food and
Beverage tank
Mat'l : 304SS, PVC