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SDT-420 Torque Tube, Displacement Type Level Transmitter
Torque Tube, Displacement Type Level Transmitter
The change of power applied to the displacer according to the change of the fluid level is generated in the form of a twist stress to the Torque Tube, and the twist angle is changed into a straight movement through a complicated mechanism conveyed to the road cell in the form of a pressure change. The errors entailing the temperature change is fixed with a supplementary circuit, and put out in precise DC 4∼20mA of ± 0.2%.
Without the need to go on-site, remote device control is possible through a Two-wire type HART communication signal, and various measurement information and history information is logged through the HART Protocol, enabling the device to be used for the Process Control. It is the first intelligent transmitter in the nation, which was born through the joint research with the Korea Hydraulic Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.
Also, it supports a communication system that realizes the transmitter remote control system(FIMS)'s asset management solution(AMS) selected by Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, and the communication.
Patent No.: 0361505
ㆍMax. 450℃
ㆍMax. 200㎏/㎠ (@25℃)
•Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power's joint research development task
•Max. pressure 100㎏/㎠
•Max. temperature 450℃
•Zero point/automatic adjustment of the measured scope
•The measurement scope's setting change function
•Precision of ± 0.2% F.S
•Continuous self-diagnosis function
•Convenient level detection Scope change
•Remote control by two-wire type SMART + HART communication
Information transmission and reception, Data Logging,
Gauge history management
•FIMS - AMS communication support (Emerson Co.)
•Essential safety explosion proof(basic)/Pressure-endurable and
explosion proof(Option) - (Ex ia ⅡC T4)/(Ex d ⅡB T4)

•In power plant facilities, it is generally used partially
with SDG-2000 and in HP,IP,LP Drums(refer to page 13)
•Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power quality grade : S Class
•The Chamber can be manufactured and provided based
on the power technology standard and pressurizer
manufacturing technology standard(KEPIC)
ㆍ4∼20mA with HART (Ver. 6.X)
ㆍ15∼30V DC HART
•Power plant HP, IP, LP Drum level control
•Condensed water storage tank, heat exchanger, Heater
•High temperature/pressure type Boiler tank
•chemical distillation tank
•Fuel/ oil tank
Mat'l : 304/316SS