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SMC Displacement Type Level Switch
Displacement Type Level Switch
When the gravity of the Displacer sinking into the fluid gradually decreases with the rise of the level, the compression spring which had been supporting the displacer's weight slowly returns to its original level, and the metal connected to the upper part of the spring pushes out the Micro Switch connected to the magnet, and the electric contact in each grade according to the number of the displacers is putout. It can be used in high temperature/pressure, and Max. five displacers can be installed
•Standard : -40℃∼120℃
•Optional : -40℃∼230℃
•Standard : Max. 10㎏/㎠
•Optional : Max. 30㎏/㎠
•Low cost
•Easy to install at places with low
•Applied to high pressure /temperature
•ON-site level control and width
•Chamber type also possible
•Explosion proof type possible
(Ex d ⅡB T3)
•Standard : 1 SPDT
•Optional : 1∼4 DPDT
•Contact capacity : 5A 250V AC
•Sewage processing plant
•Water purification plant
•Chemical tank
•Fuel and oil tank
•Beverage tank
•High temperature/pressure tank
Mat'l : 304/316SS